A bit of insight...

I’ve been obsessively creating things since I was a young. From daring bike ramps to elaborate pencil drawings, my love for ideation ran far and wide. Those that know me would tell you that nothing has really changed other than my age.

I’m a student of life in ways most aren’t, indulging in knowledge and perspectives that feed my creativity, inspiration and growth. This approach to life, while exhausting for most, enhances my professional life greatly. Having a reasonable grasp on economics, business, politics, and more help me understand the businesses I’ve worked with.

Before graduating with my multimedia degree 2001, I found myself owning and operating my first business accidentally. While I’d be happy to explain “accidentally” another time, needless to say that gave me the confidence to start my second company after college.

Marketing Strategy 98%
Business Consulting 90%
Social Media Marketing 85%
Search Engine Optimization 85%
Pay-Per-Click 80%
Market Research 80%
Product Development 75%
Email Marketing 95%
Graphic Design (print) 95%
Web Design (html/css) 90%
Copywriting 85%
Photography 75%
Videography 70%
Web Development 70%

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