AHS Lighting

Wholesalers are looking for new ways to diversify, and AHS Lighting is no different. The days of loyal commitments and routine ordering has changed. Wholesalers must adapt and learn to find new ways to communicate. Based in Atlanta, AHS Lighting has been one of the nation’s larger wholesalers of lamps and lighting fixtures for over a decade. They needed help realizing new opportunities in both design and marketing.

I was hired to complete an entire list of objectives, from SEO to print, to a lot of email design. A new blog, SEO improvements, marketing strategy, and show materials have all been part of the work. Now a client for a year, AHS Lighting has incorporated a new blog, an email marketing program, as well as becoming SEO aware and active. We’re hoping for continued success and growth in the coming years, as this is ongoing monthly marketing work and design.

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These are links to random emails from 2017.

Robert is always very punctual and thorough with his work.

Example of an email campaign.