Branson Map

Each year this popular Branson map has been printed and mass distributed to various locations around Missouri and Arkansas. Since one-third of the country’s population can drive to Branson within one day, these large tear-off maps can be found at gas stations, visitor centers and other business establishments that interact with Branson travelers. The map is supported by local businesses, mostly theaters and attractions, which get large brand placement around the map. On the backside of the map is a complete show and venue list, as well as some hotel options and other various information.

Over the years, this map had been manipulated by different people. Once it was given to me to manage I quickly realized it needed to be rebuilt properly to accommodate annual modifications. Aside from various design techniques and basic naming conventions inside Adobe Illustrator, having elements separated and organized in the layers palette correctly was crucial. Although there are other map options available to visitors in the area, which fall on the illustrated side, this is by far the most accurate and realistic map choice available.

I used Google’s Maps to trace specific elements, hand drawing everything with editable techniques. Considering this was my first ever vector map, I am tickled with the outcome. This puppy took me three days to illustrate, mostly because it was my first time.