This Denver based travel research company has traditionally supported mountain destinations and resorts by providing actionable interpretation of the broad economic data they generate. Now that the company has moved into beach destinations in Florida and beyond, growth is eminent.
I was brought onto the team to improve branding, marketing and business initiatives. With large investments in operations and database infrastructure, the company also needed a new website to compliment the advancements.

I created the site from scratch, designing pages in Photoshop, based on the feedback and descriptions provided. With 13 total pages to create and implement into WordPress, along with a tight deadline, I hired a front-end specialist to help convert the PSDs into a responsive WordPress theme. We added custom plugins, widgets and layout features to make this site do everything that was asked of it. I managed this project from start to finish while finding various ways to cut costs (in the thousands), save production time (by a week), and increase overall quality and functionality with a very modest production budget. NOTE: Only view in modern browsers to display correctly.

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The company was sold to Inntopia and the site was taken down as a result.

We have appreciated “Zack’s” help over the years.

This is the Process Page. Steps can be added or deleted within the WordPress Admin, 4 are shown here.