Drenched Fitness

If you’re a gym rat, you may have heard of a trend burning across the nation called boutique gyms. These more specialized, whole-health gyms offer a different kind of support system and workout program. Drenched Fitness, in southern California, is positioning itself for national expansion by way of franchising. If their progressive brand is any indication of their intent, they’ll be very successful.

In an effort to prepare for their lofty endeavor and be first to market they needed several things to happen, one of which was to maximize their current location’s revenue. They spared no expense, wanting to do proper market research and analysis before spending a dime on a marketing campaigns. There were several insights learned, as expected, and it helped develop a convincing strategy.

While there were several campaigns and mediums used to drum up business, one was a direct mail campaign which I designed. Using the finest of printing facilities (EagleXM), Drenched Fitness went with a modern variable printing campaign that targeted two segments. I created two sets of inserts, stuffers, and envelopes to accommodate the efforts. Both of the designs had different messages and graphics to cater to the demo. This was my first time working with variable printing and I hope to do more of it!

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2 campaign designs, includes stuffers and envelopes.

The range of creative disciplines Robert has is impressive.

Version #1 of the variable print campaign, targeting one of two personas.