LoHi Steakbar

For those that know the Highlands area likely know the neighborhood is one of Denver’s most sought after, as well as the home to the LoHi Steakbar. The burger joint is a local favorite that has a culinary inspiration, which clearly fits the community demographics.

For a locally owned one-off restaurant the brand has been built and managed well, but it’s potential isn’t quite being maximized. Over the years I’ve assisted restaurateurs with their concepts, branding, collateral, and more. I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade in return that I always like sharing with other owners/managers trying to take that next step in their growth.

With regards to the LoHi SteakBar, their menu was missing a few critical points, which in turn has contributed to some amount of lost revenue. I redesigned their menu to help them generate the most income possible by highlighting high-margin items. The previous minimalist menu design catered too much to the brand and not enough towards producing more revenue. The trick is finding a happy balance that makes the establishment more money, but without being too deliberate with customers.

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4 page, 15MB pdf menu.

Who knew there was so much science in a menu… Great Work!

This an inside page sample.